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You could even use the log cleaner on the paneling, if you want to stain the paneling rather than paint it. By corn cob blasting (cleaning) the surface of the logs, you will not only remove dirt and debris as well as stain and coatings, you will restore the original appearance to your log home.

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You can use white vinegar, lemon oil, and mineral oil to remove grease, grime, and other residues instead of harsh chemical cleaners, to prevent damage to your walls.

Log home interior cleaning. Directions would come with the sample. If you are doing a basic cleaning, then you will be able to use a soft cleaner. Work your way from top to bottom using a mop, broom, or soft brush to remove cobwebs and dust.

Our desire is to provide you with quality log home care and products that are designed to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of the wood and to provide maximum service at competitive prices. If your log home wasn't chinked when it was built and you're worried about outside pollutants infiltrating your home, it might be best to consult a log home professional. Since covid will keep me house bound this winter, it seems like a good time time to tackle some interior water stains.

The logs will need to be rinsed, hence the messiness. To remove smoke residue, grease, dirt and grime, wash your walls down with a mixture of 1 cup hot water, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup mineral oil (do not use vegetable, olive or any other oil) and 20 drops lemon oil. To remove smoke residue, grease, dirt and grime, wash your walls down with hot, soapy water, a commercial cleanser, or a mixture of 1 cup water, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup mineral oil (do not use.

Why blast a log home? Cleaning can get pretty messy, because the cleaning solution often drips down the logs. Keep you home at an appropriate temperature and humidity.

Log home blasting with corn cob blasting grit is an ideal technique to maintain and preserve the interior and exterior wood of your log home. The primary thing is to ensure that you are rinsing well after washing. That said, it still requires adequate care in order to maintain its good looks and keep homes clean, secure, and properly insulated.

In most cases you will want to avoid bleach. Dust the walls with a microfiber dust cloth, making sure to remove all dirt and dust from the corners and the wall surface. A general dusting may work, but to actually clean the logs, a sponge saturated with a bleach and water combination may be used.

Cleaning equipment | log home store building supplies and tools. We specialize in the interior and exterior property cleaning (to include the removal of failed finishes), staining, annual log home maintenance, log repair & replacement, and complete restoration needs of log home and cedar siding homes. The majority of the time you’ll only have to do a basic cleaning.

Log care products also provides log home maintenance inspections and restoration and repair services such as log replacement, cleaning, staining, caulking and chinking. Two to three coats will protect your wood and prevent it from yellowing. Interior cleaning on the inside may be more messy than on the outside, if the house is already furnished.

Get matched to local interior home & maid service contractors for your home improvement projects. How to clean your log home’s interior walls: Over time, dust, smoke, and grime can build up on your walls.

Use a uv boost with the initial coat of stain on log walls and floors. Midwest log home restoration uses a 8 step process to restore your log home, log structure, cottage, or cabin to pristine condition. House 2 home interior painting & cleaning may 4, 2020 · i have started booking appointments, i understand we are all going through some changes but things are starting to get back to “normal”, feel free to message me for your free estimate on any interior painting 😁 !

A damp rag or microfiber cloth keeps logs looking bright and inviting year after year. It can get a little messy. A tight log home seal chinking is a sealant product specifically used to seal gaps between logs, and it’s the best way to seal a log home from outside dust and particles.

If you prefer the natural color of your interior log walls, use log guard interior clear. Its clear finish is “tough as nails” but allows interior log moisture vapor to escape without clouding the finish. Industrial media blasting and equipment rental.

Spills wipe clean and won’t discolor the wood. Caring for your log home Staining will protect your interior log walls, but it won't keep them clean.

For rough plaster, use a vacuum cleaner with a dusting brush. Schroeder log home supply inc offers log home stain and interior wood stain. Log and timberframe plan books;

Keeping your interior log walls clean. Use a plastic wallpaper tray at the bottom of the wall to catch any runoff. I'd also recommend calling schroeder log home supplies and asking for their free catalog.

Fill a bottle with the ingredients, shake vigorously, and apply like car polish.

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